The nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) which sets thestandard for learning, development and care.

* The nursery is set up to provide opportunities to experience all areas of the curriculum and meet their individual needs and interests.

* Play is vital for all children, it helps them to understand the world around them and support their social and emotional development.

* We provide a wide range of activities including construction (train track, building blocks, duplo) small world play (happy land, sea animals, dinosaurs) natural sensory baskets to stimulate children's senses.

*We have designed our rooms to be cosy and inviting to promote a child's independence, decision making and problem solving.

Children are given the opportunity to develop and understanding of the world around them in our garden by growing their own flowers and vegetables. We have a computer area which provides children the chance to explore technology and a wide range of activities both individually and in small groups